Below is a story about a horrible neglect of puppies that were rescued from a Mississippi by the Humane Society.  This just reinforced the need to be very cautious when finding a puppy.  Please do not facilitate irresponsible breeders.  Do your homework on the background of the breeder and the dog, or give an unwanted pet a home by adopting a dog from a rescue group or shelter.

If you adopt a dog, be sure to tell us your story and send us a picture of your new family member.  😛


“Boomer wouldn’t have made it without you.”
Getting a second chance in life does not always come as easily as it once did during these difficult economic times. For an abandoned or abused animal like Boomer in the video above, second chance opportunities are even less likely.
But when they do come, the transformations are astounding.
Boomer was discovered in the filthiest of conditions in a Mississippi puppy mill in July 2010. Thanks to the care he received from the organization, which also found a loving new home for him, Boomer was completely transformed into the beautiful dog you now see today. I almost can’t believe that it’s the same dog in the before and after shots!
Boomer’s video is the first in a three-part video series to be rolled out in the coming weeks for the Humane Society’s annual end-of-year fundraising campaign. In addition to the heart-wrenching videos, the campaign includes an email call-to-action, asking supporters to step up and serve as a “Humane Hero” with a monthly donation to the 2011 Animal Survivors Fund.