Every child, both young and old, dreams of bringing home a brand new puppy.  However, caring for a puppy can be a little intimidating for the new dog owner.  With a little time dedicated to education on the care of puppies, even a first time dog owner can become proficient.

There are several tasks one should attend to before bringing a puppy home.  The first step obviously is finding a puppy itself.  While there are several sources for acquiring a dog, one of the most important factors is ensuring that the type of dog you end up getting is the right fit for your family, lifestyle, and home.

Another good thing to do before bringing your cuddly ball of fluff home is to find a good puppy vet for your soon-to-be family member.  New puppies should have a check-up and require a series of shots right after they are brought home, and of course they should be spayed or neutered.  Do you research and find the right veterinarian that can be your partner in raising and nurturing your dog.

The next step is to puppy-proof your home.  Decide what area he will be allowed in.  (It really isn’t a good idea to give a young puppy free reign of your home.)  Block or gate off the area in preparation.  A dog crate is also a very good investment for several reasons.  First, the puppy will feel more secure in his new environment if he has a small cozy space.  Second, a crate is a useful tool when it comes time to potty train your puppy.

As for dog accessories, you will need the following basic items:

  • A dog collar: One that is adjustable is a good choice for a new puppy since he will be growing quickly.
  • A leash:  Walks and exercise are an important part of healthy puppy development.
  • A dog bed:  This can be as simple as a blanket or pad, or an elaborate deluxe model.
  • A dog dish for food and water.
  • Dog food: Nutrition is very important to your dog’s long term health.  Research the best options for your dog’s age and bread.
  • Dog Grooming accessories: The types of tools needed will depend on the breed of your dog and the habit of their coat.

dog dish dog leash puppy food

Basics of Caring for a Puppy

The basics of caring for a puppy are food, shelter, exercise, love and attention.   Feed your dog morning and night and give them ample water.  Puppies need to be with their people, so leaving them outside by themselves for long periods of time isn’t typically the best.  A bored puppy left on his own can become very destructive.  If you are with him, it is much easier to nip bad habits in the bud.

Bringing home a new puppy is always an exciting time.  With a little attention and preparation, taking care of puppies can be a straightforward and fun endeavor.