One of the challenges for new pet owners is finding a way to balance letting their new dog or puppy play outside while keeping them safe and contained on their home property.  If a fence does not already exist on the property, one of the solutions to this problem is an electric dog fence.

The benefits of an electric fence for dogs are several.  First they are much more affordable than their weighty counterparts made of boards or iron.  A simple cedar fence can cost anywhere from $7.50 to $12.00 feet to install while ornamental fences made of steel, aluminum or wrought iron can cost upwards of $80 per linear foot depending on the style and amenities desired.  In contrast, a fully contained electronic dog fence starts at just over $100 for a full system.

Second, they are much easier to install than a standard fence.  While there are a variety of styles of fences, most can be easily installed in a day and do not require any specialized skills or tools.  There are two main types of electronic fences for dogs: a standard electric fence and a wireless dog fence.

Electric Dog Fence

An electric dog fence is similar to standard livestock fence in that it is composed of poles and wires and administers an electric shock when the dog or any other pet or small animal touches it.  It is not recommended for use with pets younger than 6 months or that weigh less than 15 pounds.

electric fence for dogsThis is one of the least expensive options in the family of electric dog fences.  Models such as the Havahart Electric Fence Kit start at under $100 depending on the features.    However, the downside to this type of dog fence is that if a small child happened to stumble into the fence, it would shock them as well.

Pros:  Inexpensive, easy to set-up, portable

Cons:  Wires containing property, not child friendly


Wireless Dog Fence System Reviews

For those looking for an invisible dog fence, there are also completely wireless dog fence systems available.  The wireless fence systems are typically comprised of a central unit that acts as a transmitter, additional units that act as “beacons” or outliers for the system, as well as a dog collar that serves as a control and transmits the “shock.”

Havahart Wireless Dog Fence System with Custom shape

The wireless dog fence system with a custom shape from Havahart is unique in its class.

Four controllers to set boundaries with one main controller.  Included flags allow you to delineate area to a granular level.  Controller connects to computer and allows you to visually see covered containment and exclusion areas.

Two types of signals, audible and shock.  Two sets of pronged collars included, for short and long haired dogs.

Pros:  Custom shape of containment with exclusion areas.  Up to 25 acres. Set-up containment area online. Multiple correction signals

Cons: Does not work with metal siding.  Batteries in collar need replacing.  Some users find the computerized set-up of the fenced area complicated.  Metal can cause false alarms in the system.