If you want a healthy, happy puppy then you should learn about feeding a puppy properly. Puppies need food that is specially formulated with nutrients their growing bodies need. It is best to establish a feeding schedule with your puppy for a number of reasons. Above all else, it is important to remember that water is essential to growing puppies.

How you feed your puppy is not nearly as important as what you feed your puppy. Once a new puppy is weaned from his mother, you are responsible for giving your puppy food that will help him grow and stay healthy. It is recommended that you start off using the same brand your puppy was fed before you brought him home. If you choose to change brands, you should introduce the new brand slowly, over the course of 7-10 days. While there are three types of dog food available, dry kibble, semi-moist, and moist, most experts believe you should only feed your puppy dry kibble. More expensive foods generally contain higher-quality ingredients while cheaper foods contain poor-quality ingredients. Some brands also offer puppy chow that is formulated specifically for large-breed puppies.

Your puppy will benefit most by feeding a puppy on a schedule. Puppies who are allowed to eat as much as they want by having food available all the time are less likely to maintain their optimal weight as adult dogs. Puppies should be fed three times a day, but as adults, they should be fed twice a day. It will be easier to housebreak your puppy by knowing exactly when he eats. To know how much you should feed your puppy, consult the chart on the back of the bag. Your puppy may eat more or less, so use the chart only as a guide.

Puppies need water and lots of it. Because water is so important to the health, growth, and development of a puppy, ensuring that your puppy has clean, fresh water is the most important part of feeding a puppy. Growing puppies need more water, pound for pound, than adult dogs because of their rapid growth and development.

Properly feeding your new puppy is the best way to give him a healthy, happy start. You should feed your puppy a high-quality food that is specially designed for growing puppies. Establishing a feeding schedule and being consistent with that schedule will help with housebreaking. It will also help develop healthy eating habits as an adult dog. While food quality is important, the most crucial aspect of your puppy’s health and development is ensuring your puppy receives adequate water.