Twitter Tweets about Buzz on Puppy Care as of June 25, 2010

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cloudninepet: New Post Adopt A Puppy Maltese For Sale Adults
2010-06-25 16:42:42 · Reply · View
Aamyra: Was at Mid Valley’s Pet World Malaysia 2010. Took care of one puppy the whole day. So sad to let go! Sob.
2010-06-25 16:40:06 · Reply · View
PetsLately: Adopt A Puppy | | Maltese For Sale | Adults …: Adopting a puppy means bringing an animal in…
2010-06-25 16:15:54 · Reply · View
CouponSpy: Puppy Love In-Home Pet Sitting Lafayette, CO 20% off first visit #Lafayette Pet Sitting & Day Care #coupon
2010-06-25 16:06:11 · Reply · View
KevinHearne: Heading to upstate NY and leaving my pug in the care of a house sitter. Poor house sitter. Taking the Boston puppy with.
2010-06-25 15:34:28 · Reply · View
SarChan03: Woke up @ 7 AM to take care of my puppy–I thought summer was about sleeping in til noon 🙂
2010-06-25 15:34:06 · Reply · View
timmycsb: @jylareyl hahahaha! i hope so! xD THEIR PUPPY IS AWESOME!! xD we went to Baguio before. haha! i took care of the puppy! xD
2010-06-25 15:22:18 · Reply · View
doggycarevideos: dog care tips : Briard Puppy in training
2010-06-25 14:53:04 · Reply · View
angelamay_: @jimmytaenaka Did you get a puppy???? The kid always went to "fur and away" in turf city because it was next to day care but they just bath
2010-06-25 14:35:16 · Reply · View
Wooftowncom: How to get ANY Health, Grooming or Care Question about a #Dog or #Puppy answered for FREE by experienced #pets Parents:
2010-06-25 10:35:04 · Reply · View
Business_Sale_: Established ‘DOG & PUPPY CARE’ Website For Sale: US $21.51 (6 Bids) End Date: Friday Jun-25-2010
2010-06-25 09:58:34 · Reply · View
undefinablelove: @Joker891219 Take care oppa! Rest well! You were sniffing just now. Hope u love the puppy! – Alexis
2010-06-25 09:45:35 · Reply · View
OrganicDogFoods: Puppy Care : How to Choose the Right Puppy Food
2010-06-25 00:11:09 · Reply · View

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