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Ltoney: We shld hv puppy showers for new puppy moms. There are so many cute things to buy for them. Add a martini & you’d hv a great party.
2010-06-24 20:09:52 · Reply · View
Ltoney: And….congrats to all of the new puppy moms. I just love puppies & their puppy breath.
2010-06-24 20:08:21 · Reply · View
cassandra57: Hi – read my new hub about potty training your puppy.
2010-06-24 20:06:49 · Reply · View
Camadax: I just Got my new puppy 7 days ago!!!!!He’s SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOO cute his name is Myles and he just got a bath soooo cute….LOVE HIM!!!!
2010-06-24 20:06:03 · Reply · View
YELIMORA: Having a great time!!! Playing with my new puppy! She’s so adorable!
2010-06-24 20:05:02 · Reply · View
2010-06-24 20:03:40 · Reply · View
wishz: My sister got a new puppy :’)
2010-06-24 20:01:33 · Reply · View
wwday3: Published a new post: Bringing a New Puppy Home to Your Older Dog
2010-06-24 19:59:14 · Reply · View
chenrae: I have moped the kitchen floor more in the last 10 days -than I have in my whole life&thats alotta yrs.-Thanks Dot-our new puppy.
2010-06-24 19:58:34 · Reply · View
cyberpenguin: @RaceSpeed so glad 2 hear! your new puppy is adorable! looks like he’s having lots of fun w/his new family. 🙂
2010-06-24 19:56:42 · Reply · View
vegansalt: The puppy’s probably just frightened of being alone in a new place. But I’ll be keeping a close eye/ear out for the little canine.
2010-06-24 19:54:34 · Reply · View
SuperSoph23: My new puppy is sleeping under my bed. Forgot he was there and he just growled. I was so scared!
2010-06-24 19:54:31 · Reply · View
tthancock: I want a new puppy!! Either a Min Pin or a Pomeranian 🙂
2010-06-24 19:49:25 · Reply · View
SelenasSunlight: @xTwisneyBelieb Want to see a picture of my new puppy?! 😀
2010-06-24 19:47:56 · Reply · View
GIzelleJohnson: Look at @HelloMsParker new puppy. Lmao. @amberranee @ElisseJames @kd_beauty (cont)
2010-06-24 19:41:55 · Reply · View
twilightscraps: New Product Available: "Puppy Love" Check it out at
2010-06-24 19:37:12 · Reply · View
ScrapAttitude: New Product Available: "Puppy Love" Check it out at
2010-06-24 19:33:57 · Reply · View
bravoalissa: @dinamanzo Please post pics of closet when finished!I’d love ideas for my "boudoir" for our upcoming renovation.P.S.How’s new puppy Lo-Jack?
2010-06-24 18:45:00 · Reply · View
AveriBorrii: You have a New Puppy – How to Groom Him | PetSafe Outdoor ..
2010-06-24 18:43:25 · Reply · View
themrperkins: Fun fun planning the new spot in #austin me n my puppy
2010-06-24 18:39:55 · Reply · View
Laylani1432: Got a new puppy and its a chow mixed with husky so pretty he is 7 weeks old we adopted him from a animal rescue place .
2010-06-24 17:14:57 · Reply · View
petsafewireless: New post: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Puppy And Dog Information
2010-06-24 17:13:20 · Reply · View
briwifruit: @Sea__Breeze I know what you mean, I get my running stuff on when I get home but never get to run (new puppy, moving, packing..uggh)
2010-06-24 17:11:03 · Reply · View
daviddogtrainer: New Video Up! DTDT’s puppy program! #dogtraining
2010-06-24 17:10:30 · Reply · View
smokewagon: Photo: Max meet Hurley. Hurley, Max. The new Great Dane puppy really likes the German Shepherd.
2010-06-24 17:09:36 · Reply · View
dogpottytrain: Make Dog Potty Training Much easier With Dog Training Pads | Puppy …: Having a new member like the puppy in your…
2010-06-24 17:07:18 · Reply · View
Ms_Lupe: Sooo we can’t find a name for this new puppy.. HELP by choosing a name for HIM::
2010-06-24 17:06:41 · Reply · View
NWDogNews: New post: Scottish Deerhound Puppy And Dog Information
2010-06-24 17:06:11 · Reply · View
NWDogNews: New post: English Toy Spaniel Puppy And Dog Information
2010-06-24 17:05:58 · Reply · View
NWDogNews: New post: Is IAMS dog/puppy food any good?
2010-06-24 17:05:47 · Reply · View
NWDogNews: New post: Puppy Training Tips
2010-06-24 17:05:24 · Reply · View
kidsnacandyshop: MY new puppy is very camera shy lol her name is idk itx your guys job to name her
2010-06-24 17:04:52 · Reply · View
ToTheNth: @theSomarribas Oh, how fun! And yay, I get to be vicariously excited about another Twitter friend’s new puppy. Can’t wait to see pics!
2010-06-24 17:04:37 · Reply · View
candyfever: Did I say I’m excited for my new puppy?
2010-06-24 17:03:51 · Reply · View
_ashleyy101: My new puppy…(:..but she needs a name..
2010-06-24 16:59:24 · Reply · View
denisjorgensen: Published a new blog post: Puppy Odor Problem
2010-06-24 16:56:00 · Reply · View
petsafewireless: New post: Harrier Puppy And Dog Information
2010-06-24 16:52:21 · Reply · View
_ashleyy101: I just got a new puppy… Its a yorkshire terrier and its a girl, 6 weeks old…Any name suggestions??
2010-06-24 16:51:05 · Reply · View
D0GL0VER: Introduces New Puppy Dog Baby Shower Themes …: “Boy Puppy Dog” and “Girl Puppy Dog” feature …
2010-06-24 16:47:56 · Reply · View
ItzPlayz: who wants to contribute to tha help Sal get a new 360 slim foundation? dont make me put on a sad song and have me put on puppy dog eyes
2010-06-24 16:47:18 · Reply · View
XoShortiiGirloX: Hanging out with Sarah and little Malibu (Sarah’s sister’s new pug puppy..7 weeks old). Malibu is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!
2010-06-24 16:44:35 · Reply · View
bamfindarlin: At a loss at what to do when a puppy cries. I’ve mastered what to do when a baby cries but now this new puppy is throwing me for a loop…
2010-06-24 16:38:58 · Reply · View
JGoldy2: I love my new puppy!
2010-06-24 16:35:22 · Reply · View
eBC_Pets_NE: New York: Adorable 11 week old pure breed Maltese Puppy for sale – $850 (Staten Island) #eBC #Pets
2010-06-24 16:33:16 · Reply · View
MissRissaBitch: my head is pounding!!! this new puppy is a lot to get used to
2010-06-24 16:28:49 · Reply · View
animalsandpets: New Ad: Got a 7month old lab cross collie selling through no fault of his own he is a loveing puppy due… [#AdTrader]
2010-06-24 16:28:38 · Reply · View
Shanelle245: Introduces New Puppy Dog Baby Shower Themes: “Our team of ‘expert experts’ has done it again a…
2010-06-24 16:27:46 · Reply · View
3LostDogs: #dailydogtip Proper socialization is the key to raising a well-mannered puppy. Introduce your pup to new people, dogs and things every day.
2010-06-24 16:27:17 · Reply · View
ClaraAlgar: awe get better Charlie…my aunts new puppy is really sick !
2010-06-24 16:24:49 · Reply · View
viki936: my new puppy has chewed up everything his blanky and the floor in the laundry room :p
2010-06-24 16:18:57 · Reply · View

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