Caring for puppies can take a lot of time and energy, but the bonding between pet and owner during this time is also very rewarding. Newborn puppies are delicate, little creatures and should be primarily cared for by their mothers. Caring for a puppy after it has left its littermates and brought home is a fun and loving time. As your puppy begins to grow, you will need to ensure your puppy is getting proper exercise and nutrition.

Puppies should be in the care of their mother until they are fully weaned, or about eight weeks old, depending on the breed. During this time, the best thing you can do is ensure the mother is properly cared for. This means making sure the mother feels safe and protected, is given nutritious food, and has access for fresh, clean water.

Once the puppies are weaned from their mother, they can be brought home. The first couple nights at his new home, a new puppy may whimper at night because he misses the comfort of his mother and littermates. You should make sure your home is prepared to handle a naturally curious puppy by ensuring there are no cords for him to chew on, and that he cannot escape or get trapped.

Your new puppy may sleep a lot during the first few weeks after coming home. He has been busy adapting to his new surroundings and this is completely normal. When caring for puppies, especially puppies that are becoming more active, it is important that you feed them properly and make sure they get lots of playtime and exercise. Be sure you have realistic expectations about your new puppy. It will likely take several weeks (or longer) before your puppy is fully housebroken. He will also need lots of practice learning obedience and new tricks.

Many dog owners come to treat their dogs as children, and it’s completely natural to think of your new puppy as a baby. Caring for newborn puppies should be left up to the mother, but it is important to ensure her needs are met so she can focus on caring for her pups. After bringing your puppy home, caring for puppies becomes the owners’ responsibilities. Be sure your new puppy has a safe, healthy home. Puppies will grow quickly so it is important to feed them quality food, and make sure they are given lots of love and attention. If there are any questions, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian or pet health care professional for advice.