If you are embarking on an endeavor to potty train your puppy, I am sure you are asking how long does it take to potty train a puppy? The time it will take is dependent on you as well as your puppy.

As I have said repeatedly in my puppy potty training posts, the most important factor when house breaking your dog is to be consistent. The more consistent you are, the less time it will take to reliably house train your puppy.  If you establish a schedule for feeding and potty break time that is consistent and the your puppy can rely on, he will train much more quickly.

The second factor in potty training your puppy, of course, is the puppy itself.  Is your puppy old enough to expect him to be reliably potty trained.  Any younger than eight weeks is simply too young to expect him to hold it very long.  Keep in mind that he has a tiny bladder that he hasn’t gained control over yet.

intelligence of dogsAlso, some dogs simply train more quickly than others.  Stanley Coren, author of  Intelligence of Dogs,” ranked dog breeds based on how quickly they learned new commands.  While potty training is also dependent on conditioning of body functions as well, this list can give you some indication of what your expectation level may be.  According to his list, the border collie is the most intelligent while the afghan hound is one of the least (based on his methodology anyway.)

Assuming that the dog is an appropriate age to be potty trained, the average dog with the average trainer takes two to three weeks to be reliably house trained.  Keep in mind that every dog will have “off” days and accidents will occur.  When this occurs, don’t despair.  Make sure you stick to your training schedule and if the dog is really having issues sticking to their house training, go back to using a crate whenever you are not right next to the dog.

Regardless of how long it takes to potty train your puppy, remember that it is a process.  Every successful bathroom break outside and not in the house is a step in the right direction.  Stick to your schedule, praise for performance, and be consistent.  The reward will be a reliably house trained dog and a valued member of your family.