Dog owners are always looking for the magic formula to help them housebreak their puppy.  One method that makes it easier for both the dog and the owner is to potty train puppy with a clicker.

A “clicker” is a small plastic object with a metal strip, which when pressed, makes a sharp clicking noise.  It is not only used to for potty training a dog, but in all aspects of dog training.  Clickers can be found at any pet supply store or can be ordered online.

As with any type of training you do with your puppy, it is always a good idea to have treats on hand for rewards as well.  Using a clicker does not exclude treating your dog, rather it should be used as an extra tool in your arsenal to strengthen your training method.

When using a clicker to potty train your puppy, take your dog out on a leash to relieve himself.  As soon as he performs, click to indicate a positive action, and then praise and treat him.

One of the benefits of incorporating a clicker into your puppy potty training efforts is that you can reinforce his positive behavior with a click immediately.  Sometimes it is difficult to pull a treat out as soon as he goes.  However with this method, the click isolates the positive action and it buys you a little bit of time for the treat as the reward.

If the clicker is used in the rest of your puppy behavior training, it will enable you to use a consistent, classic conditional model for your dog.  As soon as your puppy hears the click, he will know that he has done what he is supposed to do.

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