When potty training puppy, it is important  to create a routine and stick to it.  One of the most effective ways to house break a dog is by utilizing the crate in the training process.  A dog won’t relieve himself where he sleeps, so until he is house broken, he either needs to be in his crate or right by you so that you can watch for signs that he needs to go outside.

The key to potty train puppy is to always praise him when he does what you want, that is going potty outside.  Let your dog sleep in the crate overnight.  The first thing in the morning, put him on the leash and take him outside.  As soon as he goes potty, praise him and give him a treat.  Then (if it is in  your backyard) let him off the leash and give him a little bit of play time.

This will do two things.  First, it is training your puppy that going to the bathroom outside is desirable behavior.  Second, by not letting him roam until he does his business, you are training him to get right to it rather than dawdling around.  He will also learn that play time comes afterwards.  To speed up the process, try different treats and find the one that he loves the best and only use it to reward for house training.

Be serious and committed to the house breaking process.  Learning a new behavior is hard work for puppies and it will be easier on both of you if you only have to go through it once.  Being inconsistent with his schedule and rewards causes your puppy to be confused and will most likely cause him to regress.

While trying to potty train  puppy, keep him confined as much as possible.  Don’t allow him to roam freely throughout the house.  Instead find an area in the house to restrict him to and always have an eye on him when he isn’t in his crate.

If you don’t watch him closely, he could relieve himself on the floor.  Once he begins to go to the bathroom in the house, it will be harder to break him of the habit and train him to go outside.  He will be drawn back to the same spot because of the smell and repeat.

To make housebreaking your puppy easier on both him and you, it is easiest if he has a way to go outside on his own.  A doggy door is a good solution for this.  If you don’t have a doggy door or a fenced yard and need to leave your dog alone for long periods of time, puppy pads or a dog litter box can be another option for him.

The process to Potty train puppy takes time; however, it is well worth the effort once he is fully trained.  He will be a vital family member, and you won’t have the aggravation of constant accidents throughout the house.